Cross Lanes United Methodist Church
Friday, March 23, 2018
Open Hearts, Open Minds, Open Doors

Sunday's Bulletin




                                  Sunday, March 25, 2018

                                      Palm Sunday


Prelude & Chimes                         


Words of Welcome                


*Call to Worship: Mark 11: 1-11


Children’s Parade with Palms & Bells


Choral Introit & Congregational Hymn: # 278 “Hosanna, Loud Hosanna”


Morning Prayer (Unison):

Loving God, through it all, you still are God.  We are especially mindful of that this Holy Week as we begin to walk Jesus’ path of suffering.  Make us more aware of those who suffer, so we might be with them as you are with us.  Dispel our doubts, and give us the courage to face the future unafraid, knowing there is nothing that can separate us from your love in Jesus Christ.  In Christ we live and  pray.  Amen.


Children’s Celebration

            "Give Me Oil in My Lamp - Sing Hosanna"

            "He'll Be Riding on a Donkey When He Comes"  


Celebration of Baptism 

Pastoral Prayer


Offertory Hand Bells 



The Passion of Christ: Mark 15: 1-15

Choral Solo: Gethsemane”

The Sermon                                                        “ Shark Feeding-Frenzy”

* Hymn: # 297                                                “Beneath the Cross of Jesus”

The Benediction

Concerns and Celebrations: Janet Chapman, Carol Nutter,  Imogene Sayres, Gene Workman,  Sharon Skeen, Wanetta Morris,  Mary Keifer, Ian McMillian,  Harold Cole, Oliva Hanna, Suzanne McKinney, Mary Johnson, Jodi Allen, Beulah Kennedy, Wendi Reyes, Kim Young, Bob & Hope McKnight, Chris Oldaker, Hayden Thaxton, David Heidenreich, Marcie Smith ( Sandy Smith’s sister in law), Pat Dixon, Clarence Burdette, Wanda Brick, Norma Hooten, Bob Fisher, Dawn Rusnak, Johnny Parsons, Aiden Stockwell, Edie Belcher, Ed Snyder, Matthew Hydock, Jim Lee, Dan Kimble, Rick Stickley, Ruth Ann Null,  Linda Slater Duncan, Sarah Morrison, Andy Kiser, Margaret Ramson, Emily Cox-Ockerman, Tamara Larabee’s family. Peggy Thompson, Leila Fisher, Matt McKnight, Andy Bowyer’s family, Phil Mooney’s family, Delores Seel & son, Kard, Annette Haley, Alma Shafer, Brad & Bradford Morgan, Margaret Ranson, Sandy Boster, Dave Ollum, John Gerwig, all military personnel and their families.


                  *Those able are asked to stand



Maundy Thursday Service at 7pm on March 29th

Good Friday Service at 7pm on March 30th



Our Lenten Discipline

Lent is the season of preparation leading up to Easter.  During this time Christians have traditionally engaged in reflection upon their lives, the brokenness created by our sin, and acts of penance.  This activity has taken many different forms including prayer, fasting, and other forms of self-denial.  Lent is more than a time to simply acknowledge our sin and ask for forgiveness.  It is a time to work for restoration of relationships that have been damaged by our sin – our relationships with God, one another, and the stranger.


Lenten Disciplines:


Week #1 – This week pray for those who may feel like they’re left out of God’s promise.

Week #2 – This week take a few moments each day to wonder about what God’s covenant means for you and how that impacts others around you.

Week #3 – This week ask God to help you identify ways in which you might be falling into unhealthy practices and potentially destructive living.

Week #4 – This week try to go for an entire week without blaming something or someone for your own mistakes.

Week #5 – This week try to take a few moments each day and ask, “God, how would you have me serve?

Week #6 – This week focus on how God might help you build more trust with others, including friends, family, and strangers.


. “Hosanna! Blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord!” (Mark 11:9, ESV). We walk with Jesus along the road to Jerusalem, the road to death but also resurrection, the road of faith and worship.

Coffee and fellowship starting 9:15 am in the Fellowship Hall before the Sunday School hour and the 11 am service.

NurseryCare is available for children (birth–age 3) during both Worship Services.

Children’s Worship – (Preschool – 5th grade) children may leave the sanctuary following the ‘Children’s Moment’.

Attendance Please sign & pass the Red Attendance Pad to the person next to you.  When the pad reaches the end of the row, pass it back.

DVDs & Audio Aids AvailableDVDs of the service are available.  Call the church office.  Audio aids for the hearing impaired and large print hymnals are available from the ushers.

Prayer Chain – To place someone on the prayer chain, call one of the following: Jerry Meadows, 415-6510 or email; Marge Parsons, 776-9416; Ruth Ann Null, 776-1991.  Those wishing to have a name added to the Prayer Concerns should mark the box on the prayer card and will be kept on the list for one month.

Altar Flowers – Fill out a form located by the SS office and place your name on the list. Return form to the Church office with a check for $35.

Upper Room devotional guides are available in both foyers.

Office Hours – Mon. – Thurs., 7:30am – 2:30 pm; Friday 7:30am – 12pm.  Pastor Nelson is available during office hours and by appointment.  You     can reach Pastor Nelson by calling 1-703-772-5859; 304-769-5229; email, or the Church office, 304-776-3081;


                Those Assisting in Worship Service:


  Pastor                                                   Gary Nelson

  Deacon                                                J. F. Lacaria

  Organist                                               Deanna Taylor

  Music Director                                    Justin Valleau

  Children’s Music Director                  Karen Gilreath

  Children’s Ministry Director               Angela Stone

  Youth Directors                                   Jeremy Burns & Heather Noble

  Helping Hands                                    Chris Curtis & Vickey King

  Altar Guild                                           Leila Fisher, Chris Curtis,

                                                               Loretta Jackson & Kathleen Burke

  Liturgist                                              J. F. Lacaria

  Ushers                                                   Mary Justice, David Boyd,                                                                 Whitney Darby & Heather Noble

  Counters                                               Jeff King & Jay Monnig


Questions for the week:

1.      Have you ever been betrayed?  What did it feel like?  What did you need?

2.      Have you every betrayed someone?  What did it feel like?  What did you need?

3.      What does it mean that Jesus died for you?  How does it feel?

4.      Do you have questions or comments about the sermon, worship, relationships, parenting, or other life issues?  If so, contact Pastor Gary – or 304-776-3081.




Altar Flowers: In Memory of Edward Short, given by Ruth Short, Brett Short, Robin & Jeff Hash


If you would like to place information on the Daily Digest please submit to Jerry Meadows at


Attendance 03/18/18:   8:30 (68), 11:00 (159), Sunday School (48)


Scriptures for Easter Sunday: Acts 10: 34-43; Psalm 118: 1-2, 14-24 (UMH 839); 1 Corinthians 15: 1-11; John 20: 1-18 or Mark 16: 1-8.


Don’t forget, Preschool Registrations running full month of March.

Contact Penny for info. 304-755-8486 or church office 304-776-3081


Messages from Office:

* Please let me know if someone’s name can be removed from concerns and celebrations. Thank you!

* There is a Lost and Found box under entry table.

* Please designate anything left in entry or on entry table as to where or who it goes to.


Message from Betty:  Please pick up any containers, dishes etc brought in for dinners that were left in the kitchen.                                       

Insert: Order form for Easter flowers. Must be in office by Monday, March 26th.


SAVE THE DATE! VBS will be Sunday July 29th -Thursday Aug 2nd.

We hope you’ll plan to join us as we venture onto an uncharted island and learn that God carries us through life’s storms. Registration will be open in June.


                 WEEKLY CALENDAR


Sunday- March 25    Passion/Palm Sunday

   8:30 am                    Worship Service

 9:15 am                    Coffee & Fellowship / FH

 9:45 am                    Sunday School

11:00 am                   Worship Service

After service             Dinner & Egg Hunt

  2:00-5:00 pm             GYM/ Conner


 Monday – March 26  Deadline for Easter flowers

    9:00 am                    Senior Exercise

    5:00-7:00 pm           Gym/ McDowell

    7:00-8:30 pm           Gym/ AAU

    6:30 pm                   Boy Scouts Venturing Crew

    7:00 pm                   Boy Scouts

    7:00 pm                   Book Club


 Tuesday – March 27

     10:00 am                   Elizabeth Circle

    4:00- 6:00 pm            GYM/ Woods

    6:30-8:30 pm             GYM/ Smith


 Wednesday – March 28   

    9:00 am                      Senior Exercise/Bible Babes

     5:00 pm                     Support Group for Life’s Hurts  

    6:00 pm                      Wednesday Night Dinner

     6:45 pm                     Children/Youth

    7:00 pm                      Choir/Bible Study

     6:00- 8:00 pm            GYM/ Christina

                                       Girl Scouts

 Thursday – March 29           

    4:00-6:00 pm              GYM/Woods

    6:30-7:30 pm             Cub Scouts

    7 :00 pm                     NA (Narcotics Anonymous)

    6:30- 8:30 pm            GYM/Smith

    7:00 pm                     Maundy Thursday Service


  Friday –  March 30/ Good Friday/ Office Closed

                                       (No Senior Exercise until

                                       Monday April 2nd)

   7:00 pm                      Good Friday Service


  Saturday- March 31

     7:00 pm                     NA (Narcotics Anonymous)


 Sunday – April 1st / Easter

     6:30 am                 Tyler Mountain & Cross Lanes

                                   Easter Son-Rise Service @ Tyler

                                   Mountain Memorial Gardens